ADES y Cendepesca participan en entrega de material para estanques a productores y productoras de tres municipios de Cabañas.

Vidalina Morales y Manuela Morales, agricultoras de Cabañas, participaron en intercambio con otros productores y productoras agrícolas de Valencia, España.

El equipo de ADES fortalece sus capacidades en la producción orgánica

Campesinas and campesinos shared their knowledge on how to create conditions that will lead to food security in El Salvador

Close to 100 producers from Cabañas and Cuscatlán met in the forum With Productive Initiatives I Practice Organic Agriculture and Guarantee Food Security;organized by the Asociación de Desarrollo Económico Social Santa Marta (ADES). There they shared their experiences on promoting food security, emphasizing an important step is that the campesino produces their own food through organic agriculture.

The Sustainable Agriculture team continues training farmers from Cabañas and Cuscatlán on modes of production that dont harm health or nature. This time they traveled to Suchitoto, where the communities of San Antonio, El Sitio, Celina Ramos, Milingo, Palo Grande, and El Roble participated in the training.

El equipo de ADES fortalece sus capacidades en la producción orgánica

ADES Santa Marta organized the discussion, Organic agriculture and its benefits for family and community,where more that 100 campesinas and campesinos from Santa Marta, Victoria, and Guacotecti of Cabañas, and Palo Grande, Milingo and Perulapía of Cuscatlán participated.


Leadership, organization and incidence
Promote inclusive and horizontal leadership, with an emphasis on women and youth, that strengthen community organization. • Promote processes of political incidence, vindication of human rights and defense of the territories, in alliance with social movements.
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Food sovereignty and agroecology

Promote the adoption of an agroecological model that contributes to the achievement of sustainable local agricultural systems that optimize and stabilize production, as the basis of food sovereignty.
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Comprehensive water and sanitation management

Strengthen community participation in improving water and sanitation management, contributing to the exercise of the human right to water.
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