In the community of Agua Zarca, in Guacotecti, Cabañas, lives the family of Juan Reyes and Haydee Membreño, a couple that has been working with ADES on organic agriculture for four years.

The family, composed of the mother, father, and their three daughters- Yessenia, Fátima, and Blanca, have always been dedicated to cultivating corn and beans. Though now they also produce vegetables, such as radishes, cucumbers, green beans, loroco, and eggplant, among others. By doing so, the family hopes to improve their diets and their income.

ADES first visited the family in October 2012, and proposed working with them on organic agriculture. Juan and Haydee gladly accepted.

Since ADES visited us and motivated us to begin working with them, our family has become closer, and now we are a team moving forward, said Haydee Membreño.

Within the Sustainable Agriculture Program the family participates in food security activities, learning about farming and livestock techniques that are friendly to the environment.

“I am happy because ADES has motivated us to work with organic repellents and fertilizers, showing us that it is possible to work the land another way; and improving my familys life is crucial, emphasized Juan Reyes.

The family is united and motivated, inspiring self-improvement and team-work by using organic material produced naturally in their own home to increase their farms productivity and improve their quality of life.

We know that if we have land we can work with vegetables, and by doing so, we can flourish. Also, there are organizations likes ADES that motivate and support us, highlighted Haydee.

In a short time the Reyes Membreño family has made important advances in diversifying their grain and vegetable production, incorporating new organic and sustainable farming techniques, managing poultry, and commercializing their production, thereby increasing their income and allowing them to improve their family nutrition and life circumstances.






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