ADES prioritizes five strategic objectives for the new period 2023 - 2027, which will guide the institutional action:

    • Consolidate work teams that are capable and committed to ADES's vision and values, working in a harmonious climate.

    • Increase the quality and sustainability of the accompaniment, technical and administrative institutional processes.

    • Strengthen the levels of social organization and critical awareness, so that communities can autonomously and protagonistically face the great current challenges, defending their human rights and territories.

    • Promote a paradigm shift towards gender justice and environmental justice, contributing to the sustainability of life.

    • Strengthen alliances with national and international organizations and networks, progressive projects and social movements of Latin America and the world.

Leadership, organization and incidence
Promote inclusive and horizontal leadership, with an emphasis on women and youth, that strengthen community organization. • Promote processes of political incidence, vindication of human rights and defense of the territories, in alliance with social movements.
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Food sovereignty and agroecology

Promote the adoption of an agroecological model that contributes to the achievement of sustainable local agricultural systems that optimize and stabilize production, as the basis of food sovereignty.
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Comprehensive water and sanitation management

Strengthen community participation in improving water and sanitation management, contributing to the exercise of the human right to water.
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