ADES is a social organization founded on March 7, 1993 in the community of Santa Marta, located in Victoria, Cabañas, El Salvador.
Since its foundation ADES has fostered community development and the reclaiming of human rights in Cabañas, El Salvador-- its primary region of focus. However, it is currently accompanying several community organizations in different departments.
Amongst its most important activities are rural education, leadership schools, communication, solidarity economy, and organic agriculture. All of the work is rooted in popular education.



A meeting for life

The meeting "Community Struggles for the Defense of Territory and Life" brought together more than 100 community leaders from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.




Community Organizing and Accompaniment Program
The Community Accompaniment Program is fundamental to our direct work with communities seeking to improve their lives.
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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Program facilitates trainings and the application of organic agriculture techniques, gradually advancing...
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Water Resources Management Program

Using a watershed management and planning approach, ADES’ Water Resources Management Program accompanies communities in the following processes...
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By ASOTICO Santa Marta
Asociación para las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación Comunal